Q. Where will I train?

A. Training sessions can take place at your home, garden, local park or at my local gym based in Derby. I will provide all of the equipment that you need. Please remember to wear loose clothing and suitable trainers Please also bring a towel and bottle of water. 


Q. What will a personal training session contain?

A. All sessions are personal to you. They are written for you and no one else. In our first session we will spend time defining your ambitions and goals, assessing your current fitness levels and completing a short questionnaire. We will then work together to create a flexible, bespoke training programme based on your needs and develop this progressively to achieve your goals. All programmes include the following:

Bespoke, personal training plan

Nutritional advice to help you achieve the most from your training plan

Online and text support from myself


Q. I have some medical conditions that I manage. am I ok to train?

A. If you have had, or have any medical problems related to either your heart, lungs or other serious respiratory disease, please make sure that you have permission in writing from your GP before you embark on any exercise programme. If you have any concerns at all about your ability to exercise, please make sure that you disclose this and check with your GP. 


Q. Will I need any equipment?

A. Don’t worry about equipment, most of the exercises we do will be using the body as resistance, just remember to wear loose, comfortable clothing, wear appropriate trainers and have a towel and drink of water to hand. If we need additional equipment, such as barbells, kettle bells etc then I will provide it. 


Q. On what days can I book personal training sessions?

A. I am available for bookings at the following times:

Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7.00am until 8.00pm. I also have some evening availability on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings after 7.00pm.


Q. How long are the sessions?

A. Most sessions are 60 minutes long. The amount of exercise that we do will depend on your level of fitness.


Q. Can I see any testimonials?

A. Of course. Just send me an email or text and I will forward to you my most recent client testimonials. In addition, there are testimonials on this website here and on my Bidvine page here.


And finally, your goals:

Everyone is different and everybody has their own unique reason why they want to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing. What is not unique is that many people don’t know how to go about effectively achieving these goals. Hiring a Personal Trainer is a big commitment, but having someone who can show you exactly how to achieve better health and fitness and more importantly, how to sustain this, is the biggest reason people do turn to personal training.

Though many people have similar goals (perhaps to lose body fat, develop lean muscle or improve their general fitness for an upcoming race), the manner in which people may (or may not) achieve their goals is many and varied. My ambition as a Personal Trainer is to help each and every person discover how to achieve their goals in an appropriate way. Therefore, all of my programmes are individual to you; they are written for you and no one else, developed with your needs, aspirations and limitations in mind. More importantly, by setting challenging and progressive programmes, I can make sure that you achieve your goals and perhaps, even go beyond them.


Here’s to you and achieving your goals…