Chris Coleman-PT



Qualifications and experience:

Level 3: Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Qualified Emergency First Aider

Register of Exercise Professionals No: 652882


My name is Chris and I will be planning and delivering your personal training sessions here in Derbyshire. So, a little about me, and how I can help you.

I have been involved in sports and fitness my entire life, which at the time of writing amounts to over 35 years of running, hitting, pushing, throwing, chasing, and picking up and putting down heavy things.

I am a qualified Fitness Instructor, experienced teacher and dedicated Personal Trainer and perhaps, more importantly, I have the same desire for success with my clients as I have for my own training goals.

As I got older, I realised what the real benefits of health and fitness actually mean and how lucky I have been to maintain my own sense of fitness over the years. Fortunately, I can still pursue most of the things that I used to do many years ago, perhaps not to the same intensity, but I have few barriers to what I can achieve in both a sporting sense and more importantly in everyday life. Knowing that I can help others achieve or maintain these same benefits really makes my job a great job.

I know from experience that many of my clients used to be active in a variety of ways: dance, team sports, hiking, running and cycling are some of the many activities that people pursued. For many and varied reasons, people had given these up and perhaps considered that exercise was something that they “used to do” lacking either the confidence to return to them, or thinking that they were too unfit to return to the things they once loved. For other clients, they had previously never really enjoyed exercise at all; the very idea of being out of breath, sweaty and red-faced was enough for them to disregard the idea of ever really being fit in the first place.

how i can help you

I believe that fitness and health are relative to the individual and what one person may be able to do is, perhaps, more difficult for another. Everyone has his or her own reasons for wanting to embark on a fitness programme. For example, I would love to run a marathon, but I have two hips that say a very firm “No!” to this idea. So, now rather than run, I cycle, but with the same ambition and intensity that I used to employ when running and what do you know? My fitness has actually improved, a lot.

I have introduced and re-introduced many of my clients to the benefits of fitness and exercise, some returning to former glories and others who thought they didn’t like exercise at all, really enjoying the programmes that I designed for them.

Of course, not everybody wants to or has the ability to run a marathon, cycle from coast to coast or bench press twice his or her own body weight. But my opinion is that everybody can make the most of what they do have and everybody can achieve their own fitness goals, whether they are extreme or modest.

However, just making a start can be very challenging; not knowing when to train, how long to train for and to what intensity can be confusing for many. Equally, maintaining and progressing your training can be even more difficult as life often gets in the way of exercise and nutrition and perhaps, old habits return before we know it. My ambition for you is to remove these obstacles and set you on a path of exercise, fitness and nutrition that is both enjoyable and sustainable in the short, medium and long term. 



Are YOU ready?